Thursday, November 17, 2005

In the November Issue

- Find a dressmaker *READ

- identify the KEY GARMENTS in your wardrobe! EVERY woman has them, but after a while they get lost among other pieces. We will help you to revive and upgrade them with new, up-to-date combinations. *READ

- choose a SKIRT: trends for the cold season and suggestions for your special skirt - how you can wear it to many different occasions. *READ

- select skirt STYLES and PATTERNS that flatter your body: Where to find a pattern? What to look for if your dressmaker is going to construct your individual pattern? How to add your personal creative touch to the pattern? Check our resources pages for recent updates

- choose Fabric for your Skirt: SILK, WOOL or blended textiles? How to recognize them and what are the (dis-)advantages of each *READ

- upgrade a skirt for special occasions coming up next

- start with your own Skirt PROJECT - yourself or with hte help of your dressmaker, with suggested designs from Elegant Couture check our resources pages for recent updates

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wool Fact Sheets - Set of Six

The American Sheep Industry Association has developed valuable information pertaining to the wool industry.

This files are available in pdf format.  If you do not have a PDF Reader on your system, just click on the following link to load it and view the brochures.
Download PDF Reader

Wool Fast Fact Sheets -- Set of Six

    For more information browse the Website of the American Sheep Industry Association.